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Intuition will take you to the Next Level

We all have that little voice inside of us. Some call it Intuition, God Whisper, Insight, Sixth Sense and the list goes on. That voice is the voice of knowing without knowing. That voice inside of us is very powerful. What I have noticed from my own life is when I choose to ignore, it doesn't go away, the voice actually grows louder and knocks even harder.

There have been many times in my life I did not listen to my inner voice. I did the exact opposite of what it was trying to tell me. Each time I ignored what I call my intuition I ended up doing myself a dis-service. Our intuition is there to protect us to serve our greater good. I promise you your intuition will not lead you in the wrong direction. Our inner guide is our antenna alerting us when danger is ahead or when to take a huge leap of faith.

When you need to make a major life decision and you don't have all the facts that is when it is wise to rely on your intuition to help you make the best decision for you. It is good to ask others for their advice but ultimately the answers to your questions already lie within.

Some of the most successful people relied on their intuition to be their guide. Albert Einstein said "The only real valuable thing is intuition." Ralph Waldo Emerson once said" The Primary wisdom is intuition.

From both evolutionary and historical perspectives, Dan Cappon, acknowledged that intuition has always been critical to human survival and success.

I believe our intuition is coming from a higher power, it is there to lead us to our next level of destiny no matter how big or small. I also believe we have a choice if we want to listen to it or not, when we choose not to listen trouble can be on the horizon.

Being a meditation instructor and a Life Coach I work with clients on helping them develop and trust their intuition.

1.) SPENDING TIME IN SILENCE: Take some time each day in silence. If you start your morning with 20 minutes of silence you will set up your whole day up for success. Morning silence can do wonders for the mind and soul. Morning and right before bed is when we are most tapped in to our subconscious. Taking time to listen to our intuition trains our subconscious mind to hone more into our intuition and start making decisions that feel right to us. You will notice you will become more aligned with the life you are trying to create.

2.) MEDITATION: I have been meditating now for many years but I have noticed throughout the years when I would not practice, I felt more scattered, anxious, and I could not tell my thoughts from my feelings. When you have a consistent meditation practice you will notice you will feel more centered in your core. When we are centered we are connected and when we are connected we are in touch with our true being.

During a meditation practice is when I felt the nudge to start Single Mom Life. I do believe when we quiet the mind and heart our soul speaks.

3.) PRAYER: Prayer is a great way to develop intuition. Prayer could be talking with God or whatever higher power your believe in. Prayer gets you out of your head and helps you connect with something greater than yourself. Prayer lets us have a mental break and touches us within our soul. If you do pray ask your higher power to help you learn to listen more to your intuition.

4.) NATURE: Beauty of Gods Creation. When we are in nature we are in touch with all there is. We are one. Nature helps us tap in to our creative nature and in turn hear the voice inside that is guiding us to our purpose. Just as God has created us we are here to create. Spending time in nature will help us tap in to what it is we are here for. I have always found nature to be powerful, healing, and rejuvenating.

5.) JOURNAL: When we journal we are tapping in to our subconscious mind. Keeping a journal helps us tap into our intuition. It is really neat to journal different feelings that come up and then go back later and see what your intuition was trying to tell you. I tell my clients when they get a strong knowing about something to write it down and go back later to see if that knowing was correct. Keep a journal just for your intuitive thoughts and feelings, you will be amazed how writing things down will sharpen your intuition.

6.) TEST IT OUT: Try this for one week, when feelings of knowing come up pay attention and if any of those feelings require a call for action, act. This is how you will learn to connect within and really trust yourself.

7.) CREATIVITY: anything zen puts you in touch with your inner knowing. Painting, song writing, knitting, drawing, photography. Sometimes during the project you don't feel your intuition kicking in but pay attention and you will notice later that day you will get insights into your life, why does this happen...because doing creative work puts you in touch with your intuition and alignment.

There are many ways to develop your intuition but listed above are the most powerful ways. When we listen and hone in to our intuitive side we are learning to trust within ourselves.


Live more Authentically

Less Overwhelm and Stress

Easier time making decisions

Boosts Confidence

Builds Trust Within

Keeps you Centered

Allows you to open up to new ideas

Helps you become more clear on your true purpose

People who follow intuition have less regrets

You develop a healthy sense of fearlessness

Connect easier with others

In his self-titled biography,Steve Jobs touted the power of intuition and described its impact on his work at the helm of Apple. "Intuition is a very powerful thing," "more powerful than intellect."

Ready to take your life to the next level? Curious about your life purpose?

I would love to hear from you

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