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Connecting Within

I recently published my first book "Connecting Within" My book is about finding yourself and creating a balanced life all while raising kids. Sometimes when we become mothers all we focus on is raising our kids and we forget about ourselves. The saddest part of all is we are not teaching our children what a life of healthy balance looks like. Lets be honest as human beings there is more to us then only raising our children. We are all multifaceted individuals. For a life to really feel meaningful it is not healthy to just focus only on one area. It is important even as moms to engage in Self-Care. Have hobbies, friends, things you enjoy that that make you happy.

I wanted to talk about Why I chose the title "Connecting Within"

I choose this title because Connecting Within is the most powerful connection you will ever make. If you are not comfortable in your own skin then how are you going to make an authentic connection with others? Yes, you will befriend people but are you really making what I like to say true connections? When we are not comfortable in our own skin we are not really being ourselves..WHY? because we are afraid of people judging us, not liking us, what are they going to say about us if we are different. Sound Familiar? If you answered no you are ahead of the game. Anyway, a happy life starts with you, not your spouse, not your kids, not your best friend, YOU. Others can only make us as happy as we feel inside. People outside of ourselves can add to our lives, humans are like pack animals we need people but people and outside circumstances can not make us truly happy only we can do that.

How do you connect within and gain a happier existence?

1.) Morning Ritual- Start your day off right. Try and be the first one up in your house or at least try and take 20 minutes for yourself in the morning before you hit the ground running. Just this alone will put you in a good mind space for your day. Silence first thing in the morning is a good way to clear your mind and create space for the day ahead

2.) Meditate. Centering meditations will help you focus better and clear your mind. You can do this on your own with deep breathing and following the breath or you can find a guided centering meditation on You tube or by downloading the Insight timer

3.) Affirmations- What are you struggling with? If you are struggling with patience then create an affirmation to do with patience. Example: I am a Patient person. I know it may sound counter intuitive but that is how you create new pathways in your brain to start to create new habits in your life. Change always starts in the mind first. Affirmations are game me on this

4.) Read or watch inspirational things. Read or listen to something inspirational on a daily basis.

5.) Eat healthy and do at least 20 minutes of movement a day. Movement and eating healthy helps create Mind/Body connection.

6.) Connect to a Higher Power. Know you are not alone. I connect daily with God. Connect to whatever higher power you believe in. Connect by praying, listening or writing a letter about what your desires are and what you are feeling. Connecting to a higher power helps us let go and surrender. When we let go and surrender we are in flow

7.) Do the things you enjoy. Maybe you like to knit, or do yoga, sing, write, read...create time for the things you enjoy. See how I wrote that CREATE the time because guess what..time doesn't create itself, make time for the things that make you happy.

8.) Have Fun.. yes laugh. I feel like once we start having kids we stop making time for fun. Some moms even have the mentality that once they become mothers they need to stop having fun and now it is all about the kids. No way even as adults we need to make time for fun. Some of my fun now is having fun with my kids, We put on loud music, jump around and dance, I feel a kid again but I am having fun and spending time with my girls.. it is a WIN/WIN.

9.) Be Grateful- I probably should have put this one first. Being grateful is so important. Write or say each day at least three things you are grateful for. When we live each day with a grateful heart we are opening ourselves up to more positive. You will start to see the Small Miracles in everyday

10.) Look your best. I am not talking perfection. I am talking shower each day, look neat and wear a smile. Even if you are not having a great day wearing a smile can help you feel better

11.) It is OK to be vulnerable. It is OK to admit you feel like a failure or your hurt or whatever tough emotion you may be struggling with. When you acknowledge how you feel the negative emotions will start to shift.

When you are feeling good about yourself you will connect with others in a more Authentic way. You will even start to make better choices on who you choose to connect with. You are no longer making connections based out of loneliness but out of meaning.

Good Luck to you!!

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