Single Mom Empowerment Coaching is about addressing every part of a woman and mother since these roles are so intertwined. Some single moms have lost their sense of self-identity. They need someone to talk to who can help them get unstuck. Many moms have turned to me when they were dealing with tough transitions in their lives. It’s my greatest passion to help single moms embrace more laughter and love in their lives

You might be asking yourself: What is a creative writing coach? A creative writing coach can help you channel your feelings through writing. All of us, at least at times, have felt pain, inner turmoil, and fears. We’ve all dreamed and hoped for better days to come to us. Perhaps you’re dealing with a breakup or a divorce? Or have you just moved to a new location and are having trouble settling in? I can help you move through these pains of life. I can also help you get in touch with your dreams and desires. 

Join us in a Single Mom Empowered Workshop and evolve your body, mind, and soul.  See our Events Page for specific dates, times, and subject of workshop offered.

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